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Precious metals have long been sought and extracted from ore, at which point we have usually discarded the remaining material as “waste”. Now, as we assign a greater value to our resources and develop a growing awareness of environmental repercussions, we can adjust our classification of slag as waste, appreciate the residual ore for its strengths and design for them.

To design and build with a waste product is ultimately a process of overcoming our existing habits. We can build around the strengths of slag by developing our ability to accommodate new habits for material use. Therefore slag architecture represents a growing shift in our collective spirit. We are aiming for global ramifications by taking greater responsibility for our material use. We have started this process with one cube - six years in the making. This first self-annealing cube represents a technological and ecological significance. We prove that large casting is achievable and no further energy is required to make slag productive. We will continue to test our resolve by working with our community and build a slag prototype next.

LOCATION   Sudbury, ON
PERIOD   2015.12 -
STRUCTURE   Slag, Steel Plate Formwork
SCALE   Variable

TEAM   Michael Danielson

Custom Design

Interior Design

Genetic Design

Industrial Design

Molten Slag

Mining Waste

Formid Seat

Parametric Seed
Structural Paper
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