We provide the complete range of architecture services to meet our client's design aspirations. Our team will collaboratively support the project goals with the full breadth of our collaborators’ experience.

We can synthesize a broad range of perspectives and disciplines to coordinate comprehensive solutions for a variety of unique design requirements. We can accommodate a diverse range of project types and we strive for meaningful design rooted in each context.

We support our oscillate between the latest technological tools in combination with enduring cultural strategies to support a healthy balance among our society, city and environment. We look for an interplay between ease of function, environmental connectivity, cultural meaning, efficient engineering, subtleties of spirit, and creative adaptation of new technologies to create a design as a complete whole.

Our services include the following:

- Rezoning
- Site Plan Approval
- Minor Variance
- Building Permit
- Conditional Permit
- Phased Permit Submissions
- Specialized Jurisdictions (MTO + Conservation Authority)
- Tenant Fit-Up
- Alternative Solutions

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The permit set for Herold Industrial prior to Tenant Fit-Up modifications.

The wood structure under construction and completed renovation beyond at Herold Industrial Park.


We can provide rendering, animation, and also virtual reality assets throughout the architecture project development phases. These visualizations are useful during the architectural design process to evaluate project objectives. These assets are also available for marketing content, virtual tours online, and / or live 1:1 demonstrations. We also often pair drone footage with our digital work.

We can similarly model environments for virtual purposes. For example, our work with Formid includes an digitial twin of our physical product with various superimposed biomechanics visualiations.

We can prepare the following:

- Renderings
- Animations
- Virtual Reality Walkthroughs
- Infographics
- Video Overlays

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An animation of Herold Industrial simultaneously served as a virtual reality model.

An animation of cost management through quantity control during the design phase.

3D Printing

We have adopted both SLS and SLA printing technology to iterate our designs from prototype through to end use parts. We offer printing services at competitive rates using both Formlabs devices, the Fuse 1+ and Form 3B. We can also assist with model design where applicable.

We often print the following materials:

- Nylon 12 Glass Filled SLS
- Black Resin SLA

For a complete list of available printing materials please follow this link︎

Print your parts ︎

A set of Formid seat prototype parts combined as a dry-fit test.

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