Gifts were needed for guests following a shared celebration. We designed a vase that could decorate a space during the event and be taken home at the end as a fragment of the collective experience. 

While the clay was extruded in the same way for each vase, we expressed variability through the vase length and angle of the cut opening. We wanted each vase to represent a unique part of our shared experience while still being recognizable as part of a family of pottery.

We took inspiration from the variability of a tree. While each tree is recognizably unique, each one is also clearly part of a group by sharing some general qualities.

PERIOD   2011.06 - 2011.08
STRUCTURE   Glazed Clay
SCALE   Variable

TEAM   Erika Shiraishi, Rick Danielson
PHOTOGRAPHY   Dhroov Patel

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© 2024  D A O
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