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The sensor system has been augmented to include pressure sensors in combination with accelerometer data to interpret posture variation. Machine learning algorithms classify the postures without physically attaching any sensors directly to the body leaving the user free to come and go. Current and historical posture data is then interpreted on the mobile app for user feedback. The moving seat and body posture patterns are also rendered in VR for various analytical / actuator requirements.

Sensors, 22(1), 400 - Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Postures and Forecast Motions When Using a Dynamic Chair

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PERIOD   2020.09 -
STRUCTURE   Paper Substrates & 3D Prints
SCALE   Variable

ELECTRICAL   Western University
MACHINE LEARNING   Western University
SOFTWARE   Western University
FUNDING   Mitacs (2)
IP   U.S. Patent No.: 10,368,650 & 11,432,656 , patent pending in Canada