We designed a prototype for the Ductal reactive wall competition by exploiting the material’s impermeable and freeze-thaw resistant properties. The concrete shell offers a screen that can filter water, provide external solar shading and support vertical habitats. 

A spherical ribbed geometry with mechanical connections exploits the tensile strength of the material to offset the weakness incurred by cutting away mechanical joints and fragmenting the surface for scalar habitat growth.

This living wall system was designed for an urban context where it would facilitate more space for vegetation in an otherwise stark vertical environment. It is used as a screen on the design for a Vancouver Archives satellite facility in the Downtown Eastside. In this building we emphasized collective communication with digital media and exposure to other passive environmental systems such as daylighting, natural ventilation, rainwater collection and a green roof.

The prototype has been installed outdoors to study growth.

LOCATION   Tofino + Vancouver, BC
PERIOD   2010.9 - 2012.6
STRUCTURE   Fiber reinforced concrete
SCALE   Variable

TEAM   Sam Ostrow
STRUCTURAL   Lafarge Ductal
CONSTRUCTION   Artisans in Concrete
EXHIBITION   AIBC gallery, Vancouver Archives
PHOTOGRAPHY   Brett Liljefors (1-3,4-8), Jessie Robertson (11)

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© 2024  D A O
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