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custom design

As an architecture firm we provide a myriad of custom design services the familiar way to meet our client's aspirations. We can coordinate a variety of unique design requirements based on a thorough understanding of each specific setting. We can work on a diverse range of project types, are committed to comprehensive problem solving, and strive for meaningful design rooted in each context. 

We use the latest technological tools in combination with enduring cultural strategies to support a healthy balance among our society, city and environment. We believe in collaboration so we focus on merging the skills and enthusiasm of our architectural team with the aspirations and experience of our clients and collaborators. Our services for a range of project types can include the following.


We aim for the synthesis of a broad range of perspectives and disciplines. We look for an interplay between ease of function, subtleties of spirit, environmental connectivity, cultural meaning, efficient engineering, and creative adaptation of new technologies to create a design as a complete whole.


We play a key role managing the construction intent, time and budget. We have a hands-on attitude and participate in the construction activities to completion. Staying connected to the project through the construction phase allows for smoother coordination between clients, consultants, and contractors.


Both from the inside-out and outside-in, we see spaces as a seamless design challenge. We gain an understanding of people's needs and look for compatible experiences and expressions across boundaries.


We oscillate between traditional and contemporary modes of design exploration. Our expertise in current technologies is supported by our proficiency in hand-drafting, modelmaking, and sketching. We use modelmaking as both a representational tool and for design investigation.


Using contemporary rendering technologies, we can effectively communicate architectural and spatial ideas. We use renderings and virtual reality experiences not only for marketing purposes, but as a design tool, to test our ideas.

Custom Design


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