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Danielson Architecture Office Inc. ( D A O ) is a contemporary architecture and design-build company. Our approach to architecture is diverse, inquisitive and integrative.

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We provide a myriad of architecture services to meet our client's aspirations. We can deliver services for a diverse range of project types, budgets, and scales.

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We also have an associated arm for our R&D and commercialization activity to digitally program genetic design products or buildings that can automatically adjust to fit the needs of many different clients. 

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The following diagram outlines our services and completed work along a spectrum of automation between hand-drawn and biological DNA. 


Patrick Danielson   Principal   Architect OAA & AIBC   MRAIC

Patrick is a registered architect in both British Columbia and Ontario as well as a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. He graduated from the School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia following a degree in Biomedical Science. He merged these two fields to create a genetic design approach as an evolving architectural strategy and has filed patents resulting from this research. Patrick has been the recipient of several awards, including those from the government, private sector, and academia. Patrick has also previously taught as a Sessional Instructor at the McEwen School of Architecture.

Jeremy Upward   Intern Architect   MArch   BAS

Jeremy is an Intern Architect who graduated from the McEwen School of Architecture in its charter class. His focus is centered around emerging technologies and their potential role in the industry. Jeremy’s thesis challenged the norms of computer aided design to allow for a more fluid design process. He believes technology should not bind us, but allow more freedom and expression.

Isabelle Lafond   Designer   BAS Candidate

Isabelle is an architecture student at the McEwen School of Architecture with a declared minor in Environmental Studies. Her interest and research in sustainable, reconciliatory and regenerative methods of design have influenced her to further evaluate architecture’s impact on the built environment.

Jason Presse  Designer  BAS Candidate

Jason is an architecture student at the McEwen School of Architecture. In his studies, he has developed an interest in exploring innovative ways to integrate environmental and sustainable architecture through his designs.


Leila Angrand   Healthcare + Business   MSc OT   MBA
Michael Danielson   Mining + Finance   P.Eng   MBA
Rick Danielson   Data + Statistics   PhD
Ghazal Farhani   Machine Learning  PhD

Greg Gillies   Design + Fabrication

Greg attended OCA in Toronto with a primary focus on Environmental Design. He then worked extensively in both the design and build fields employing a hands-on collaborative approach. Among his many interests is the intersection of natural and man-made environments as they pertain to sustainability, restoration and diversity of experiences.

Yue Zhou   Hardware   PhD

teaching + lectures

2018 - 2021    Guest Critic - McEwen School of Architecture

2019 - 2020    Guest Critic - Waterloo School of Architecture

2015 - 2017    Sessional Instructor - McEwen School of Architecture 
2017    Independent Study Instructor - McEwen School of Architecture
2016    Freeze-Thaw Winter Stations - McEwen School of Architecture
2016    Reactive Designs - McEwen School of Architecture

2016    Slag Rehabilitation - Sudbury Protocol Conference - Treaty for UN, Dynamic Earth

2016    Formid - Norcat Pitch - United Steel Workers Hall 

2015    Architectural Plasticity - McEwen School of Architecture

2011    Teaching Assistant - Advanced Computational Design - UBC SALA
2011    Teaching Assistant - Advanced Structures - UBC SALA
2010    Teaching Assistant - Design Media II - UBC SALA


2022    Sensors, 22(1), 400 - Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Postures and Forecast Motions When Using a Dynamic Chair
2020    Sudbury Vision for the Future - Special Publication 

2019    Patent Submission (US) - Divisional Patent

2019    Domtar Newsroom - Paper Seat Rethinks 5,000 Years of Chair History
2017    Patent Submission (CA, US, EU) - Ergonomic Chair Made from Paper Substrates with Embedded Sensor
2012    UBC Thesis - Metakinesial Architecture - Slag Structures
2007    LU Thesis - Habitat Variation and Phenotypic Plasticity in Morphology of Pimephales promelas


2019    Formid Seat - Pulp Art Spring Gala - The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte
2019    Formid Seat -Studio North - Interior Design Show, Toronto
2018    Formid Seat | The first made-to-measure, active seat - Kickstarter
2011    Cascading Biospheres - Architectural Institute of British Columbia + Vancouver Archives
2010    Swarmscreen + iLands - Vancouver International Airport + UBC Fred Kaiser Building

awards + grants

2020    Mitacs Accelerate - Machine Learning Posture Identification
U.S. Patent No.: 10,368,650 Granted
Bell Business Excellence Award - Innovation Finalist
    Successful Kickstarter Campaign
2018    Norcat Grant - Communications
2017    NOHFC - Applied Research and Technology Development Projects
2016    Judge's Choice Award - Norcat Pitch
2016    FPInnovations Grant - Paper Substrate R&D
2016    Norcat Grant - Provisional Patent
2014    Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) - Marmomacc Latin America
2011    Ductal Concrete Prototype Competitition Winner
2011    Stantec Scholarship in Architecture
2010    Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) Achievement Award
2010    Arthur Huller & Dorothy Cleveland Memorial Scholarship
2009    EMAAR Canada Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Architecture
2008    Natural Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Grant

previous collaborators

Hamza Adenali

Kemal Alladin
Rishab Bhatt
Sahana Dharmaraj
Arsh Lalani
Jenna Lamb
Harrison Lane
Eric Marsi
Braeden Martel
Shannon McMillan
Alison Modl

Max Sadler
Johanna Tsai
Yu Xin Li



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