A proposal for the Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery served as the agent for material reinterpretation. The high density of slag provides effective counterweights to support dynamic steel truss cantilevers while the weaving pattern of blocks ensures lateral stability for this compression structures. These renders illustrate the textural and monolithic qualities of the material. Diffuse and direct light is spatially contrasted to reserve the heightened perception of colour intensity for the art work being exhibited. People navigate parallel routes while light is permitted to pass perpendicularly throughout the woven mass. This tension is meant to incite the spatial qualities of the local mining culture.

LOCATION   Sudbury, ON
PERIOD   2011.6 - 2012.12
STRUCTURE   Slag Slabs
SCALE   3 stories

ARCHITECTURE   Greg Aunger, Tyler Brown, Stewart Burgess, Byron Chang, Dr. Raymond Cole, Greg Johnson, Adam Maitland, Oliver Neumann, Samuel Ostrow, Patricia Patkau, Brian Rudy
CONSTRUCTION   Dale Craddock, Jay Drew, Sade Kahra
GEOLOGY   Betsy Friedlander, Daan Maijer, Michael Parsons
MINING   Michael Danielson, Joseph Lawless, Ken Scholey
PAINTINGS   Frank Danielson
FUNDING   Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
PHOTOGRAPHY   Greg Taylor (3-unedited)

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