The undulating residential tower sits on a compact triangular site between two downtown stadiums. Articulation of the form for one of the Rogers Arena Towers was accomplished using parametric tools. Linear and arced lines connect the points in plan while simple vertical tubes provide control of the undulating overall form in elevation.

Rapid prototyping was necessary to facilitate the design process. The demolition of the viaduct behind the building was also being considered by Vancouver urban planners, which caused our property line and building core to move after the building contours were essentially complete. These contours were easily iterated due to the parametric logic that could synchronize with limitations such as site boundary, unit layouts, structural capacity and balcony details.

Individual floor plate outlines were generated with set-out coordinates for straight or circular slab edge formwork. Since the analogue coordinates were mapped in 3D using grasshopper before producing individual drawings, parametric accuracy could be assessed as a whole. Balcony stanchion points are also laid out parametrically this way.

These drawings successfully documented the geometry for a very basic analogue construction technique without the use of custom formwork that would need to be discarded.

LOCATION   Vancouver, BC
PERIOD   2012.4 - 2014.4
STRUCTURE   Reinforced concrete
SCALE   32 stories, 5 basement
SITE AREA   18,700 m2
FLOOR AREA   15,528 m2
PHOTOGRAPHY   Francl Architecture (1)

CLIENT   Aquilini

Patrick was a member of the design team involved in this project from the design development to construction documents phase at Francl Architecture.

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