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A residential building was renovated in preparation for retirement. Both the cluttered garage and failing balcony are converted into spaces for new activity. Specifically a workshop, balcony and solarium will be built. The solarium will also double as a tea house for formal ceremonies.

The workshop is scheduled first since participating in the construction process is part of the retirement activity. Details will be more intricate as craftsmanship is specifically being pursued for enjoyment. The new balcony will be rebuilt partly from the existing balcony wood. Special care was taken to target details that could accommodate weaknesses in the older wood. An aerogel insulated translucent panel is being mounted into the garage door to permit light into the workshop even during the winter months. This simultaneously provides an opportunity to emit light from within the workshop so a painting has been distilled into transparent layers for this large uninterrupted opening.

LOCATION   Sudbury, ON
PERIOD   2014.5 -
STRUCTURE   Wood (Old+New)
SCALE   3 stories

CLIENT   Private Residence
STRUCTURAL   Tall Pines Engineering
CONSTRUCTION   Rick Sr., Frank Danielson, & Hodgins Construction

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