Formid is a response to contemporary office culture where there is prolonged stillness thereby creating an atrophy inducing seating environment. Formid is an ambitious hybrid technological strategy for efficient material use in conjunction with tailored ergonomics, digital movement tracking, and haptic feedback to improve body movement patterns. This product can help one to develop an awareness of proper spinal alignment under vertical gravitational loads while facilitating variety in core muscle activation by using using smart technology. 

Individuals can submit unique body parameters as fabrication inputs. The resulting seat will conform to these unique input variables without straining the construction process. The form of each seat is then a match to an individual’s unique body and a heavy spherical base keeps the seat upright,

Form generation from simple planar paper materials can address many low carbon configurations. Parametric tools govern the planar cut and fold lines according to the desired three-dimensional structural output and many variations of this concept can be built using the same construction process. Measurement of variation during assembly becomes redundant. This reverse engineered transformation from 3D to 2D capitalizes on the strength of simple folds and eliminates complexity in the connecting joints while the leftover material is reintroduced immediately in the cavity to build up the necessary mass. The effort to produce the genetic design is recovered in the efficiency of simplifying variability during assembly.

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Domtar Article

LOCATION   Sudbury, ON
PERIOD   2013.10 - 2018.12
STRUCTURE   Paper Substrates & Slag
SCALE   Variable

STRUCTURAL   Blackwell Structural Engineers
ELECTRICAL   Podco Designs
SOFTWARE   Korey MacDougall
BIOMECHANICS RESEARCH   Laurentian University
FUNDING   FPInnovations, Norcat, Domtar, NOHFC
EXHIBITION   Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, IDS 2019, Norcat Pitch 2016
IP   U.S. Patent No.: 10,368,650 & 11,432,656 , patent pending in Canada

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